About us

Finlandia SPOT by Finhome Ltd. is a unique meeting and education spot in idyllic Polish village surrounded by forests – Kliny, just 10 km from Poznan city.

The place is designed for agritourism, for organized groups’ meetings/education events up to 25 people – for business, families and friends. It offers a big meeting room at Finnish wooden Home (120m2), 2 toilets, bathroom, kitchen,8 sleeping places. It also offers an access to 3000m2 garden with sauna building, hot-tub, grill house and fire place. All the buildings are 100% Finnish wooden buildings, well equipped by Finnish, high quality products. There is an access to free Wifi at spot.

At Finlandia SPOT you can feel relaxed by nature, you can feel at home.

What People Say

It’s like a Little Finland in Poland. I absolutely love the place.

Virve Antinoja

The place is gorgeous and it smells by wood and sauna! But the hot tub experience is my favorite part of each event at Finlandia SPOT.

J. K. Rowling

Since 2017 all my family celebrations have been organized at Finlandia SPOT. It is so spacious – it has terraces and great, big garden adjusted also for kids.

Dr. Kamzela

Let’s plan your unique stay/event at Finlandia SPOT together.