Finlandia SPOT – Kliny

Surrounded by Zielonka forest, with a unique Finnish flow, waiting for You to discover.

Only 10 kilometers from Poznan city, in idyllic Kliny village, you can find your natural place for family, friends and business meetings, small events in Finnish wooden complex – Finlandia SPOT.


Discover this unique, natural place for business, education, family and friends – groups up to 25 people.


Relax at Finlandia SPOT complex: Finnish Home, sauna, hot tube, grill house, fire place, big educational, fruit garden with playground.

Feel at home

Feel at home while relaxing at Finnish Home’s fireplace zone or while sitting with family, friends or partners, by the long table at the meeting room or while sleeping in cozy bedroom or in the attic.

Simplicity is a luxury.


Find your life inspirations while staying at 100% Finnish log-house – natural and luxury at the same time.

Fall in love in Finnish sustainable design -simple, timeless, made of high quality materials.

About us

We are a Finnish-Polish team of hosts with over 15 years experience and passion to organize things as tailor made for customer as possible.

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